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Why Timber Decking is so Popular in Brisbane

It’s no secret that timber decking is popular in the Brisbane area. We have supplied timber decking to three generations of Brisbane homeowners since 1972 and it has never been more popular than it is today.

So, what is it about timber decking that makes so many people in Brisbane want to build a nice deck on their property? Let’s take a look at why timber decking is such a hot commodity in Brisbane.

Timber Decking is Attractive

We could use a lot of platitudes but the bottom line is that there is nothing that looks quite like a timber deck. Timber decks are great additions to landscaping and can turn ordinary garden space into enjoyable entertainment space. Timber is a natural material and is perfect for visually blending your home with nature.

Timber decks are appropriate for homes but they are also great for restaurants in natural settings, such as beaches, parks and golf courses.

The best thing about the appearance of timber is that it is natural. Some species, such as merbau, look great with clear deck oil. Others may be stained. We know that some people like to paint timber decks but we are much more in favour of a natural look that allows the grain of the timber to shine through whatever finish you use.

Low Maintenance

If you use a hardwood that provides resistance to pests and fungi, such as merbau, it needs almost no maintenance. Once it is initially protected by a finish such as deck oil, it just needs to be kept clear of debris and monitored for signs of undue wear and tear. An occasional new coat of finish will usually take care of ageing.

Most hardwood species, especially when finished correctly, will provide natural resistance to water. If you want to use a squeegee or even a broom to sweep water off of a deck after it rains, it can be helpful but some people don’t even do that and their timber decking lasts for years.

Advantages of Timber Decking

Timber is a natural material and a natural insulator. When the sun is beating down on a hot summer day, a timber deck doesn’t absorb nearly as much heat as other materials such as concrete do. You can walk barefoot on a timber deck on the hottest day without hurting your feet.

A timber deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great place to entertain guests. It increases the value of your property and turns unused areas of your garden into extra living space. Timber decks can be built in all sorts of shapes and sizes for many different uses. They aren’t nearly as difficult to build as an addition onto your home.

Alfresco Living

A timber deck, especially one with a roof, can be turned into a great alfresco living area. Timber is a strong building material and will last for decades with proper finishing, a solid build and minimal maintenance. Timber is strong and durable enough to shelter and support your alfresco living furnishings for years with no problems.

Different Places for Timber Decking

As we mentioned, timber decking is durable. We have seen numerous uses for timber decking in the Brisbane area. Timber decking can be installed close to the ground on your patio or by your swimming pool. A lot of people use a combination of timber decking and a pool house.

Raised timber decking can be used for a second floor or on sloping blocks. Either of these options adds even more living space to your home that wasn’t there before.

Call the Best Timber Suppliers in Brisbane

If you’re ready to start building a timber deck or you just want to learn more, call Narangba Timbers today. We have a wide variety of different timber species so you can find the one that looks exactly the way you want it.

We have a timber display deck made of an assortment of timber species and finishes so you can see exactly how they look after they are finished. Our DIY timber decking calculator tells you exactly how much timber you need to finish the job.

Call us today for everything you need to know about building a timber deck on 1300 477 024.