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We are one of the most trusted timber suppliers in the Brisbane area and timber cladding is one of our favourite products. Timber cladding was replaced by aluminium and other materials but never really went out of style. Lately, it is regaining popularity as more and more people are beginning to appreciate it for its aesthetics and insulative properties. We thought it would be helpful to provide you a quick guide to timber cladding.

Timber cladding is also called “siding” and “weatherboard.” It has evolved from being used primarily for agricultural buildings to increasing use in both industrial and residential projects.

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What Does Timber Cladding Do?

Timber cladding is like an outer “skin” on a building. It is a second layer to protect the building against the elements. Because of its appearance, timber cladding can greatly improve the aesthetic of any building. Timber cladding can even be used on ceilings for its aesthetic.

Timber cladding consists of boards that overlap each other to form a protective layer over a wall. The principle is like that of shingles on a roof. A slight gap is built in between cladding and the wall it protects. This allows moisture that gets inside to either drain away or evaporate.

Why is Timber Cladding Better than Other Materials?

Timber cladding is lightweight and flexible. It is a less expensive option in many buildings because it doesn’t need any extra support. The piers, columns and posts that are part of the building are enough to support timber cladding.

Timber’s aesthetic is unmatched. It provides a prosperous, natural appearance and helps any building blend in with natural surroundings. It is available in many different coatings, colours and textures.

Timber also provides natural insulation. It cuts down on heating and cooling costs.

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