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Here’s a little secret timber suppliers in Brisbane know that you may not: hardwoods aren’t always harder than softwoods. Usually, everything in the business of timber sales is straightforward or “cut and dried.” Everything is exactly what it says it is and everything makes sense. But not hardwoods and softwoods.

Timber Suppliers in Brisbane on Softwoods

So why aren’t hardwoods always harder than softwoods? It’s because “softwood” refers to timber that is harvested from coniferous trees, otherwise known as “pine.” While most pines are soft and pliable, others are not. For example, white cypress is classified as a softwood but is much harder than most hardwoods.

There are some great advantages to using softwoods. The first is that Australia has a lot of different pine species, such as white cypress, hoop pine and celery top pine. We use a lot of softwood in Australia because pine grows quicker than most hardwoods. It is probably the variety of timber that is the best for the environment because it grows so quickly.

Remember that trees have a negative carbon footprint because when they grow, they store carbon by turning it into timber. Because pine grows so fast, it is more profitable and more ecologically responsible when harvested and replanted on plantations.

Softwoods are lightweight but strong. They are easy to work with. They are the easiest timber to transport to your work site and for you to lug around onsite. They don’t cost as much as most hardwoods and are used for structural framing, flooring, decking, paneling, cladding, bench tops, poles and beams.

Untreated softwoods aren’t as durable as hardwood. But due to their open cell structure, they absorb treatment chemicals, preservatives, finishes and adhesives easily. After softwood has been treated, it is very durable and offers protection against termites, decay and fungus. It is particularly popular for furniture and cabinets.

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