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Updating Your Queenslander with Pine Weatherboard

Weatherboard houses are commonplace in many older Australian suburbs that feature homes built prior to the 1970’s. These homes are clad in overlapping planks that run horizontally or vertically.

Weatherboard cladding can be made from timber, fibre cement, aluminium or, more recently PVC.

And, of course, as the locals would well know a Queenslander is a timber-framed house raised above the ground on large timber stumps or posts (commonly over 6 foot above the ground) with a verandah on one or more sides.

The traditional Queenslander was built prior to the end of WW2 and is designed to get the maximum benefit from cooling breezes during the humid Queensland climate.

Queenslanders are Often Clad with Pine Weatherboard

And, most importantly for us, the Queenslander is predominantly clad with weatherboard to enhance its looks.

In fact, the unique design and utility of the Queenslander has made them a sought-after residence whilst the age of the buildings means there is a constant stream of owners always looking for better ways renovate their properties.

Pine weatherboards are the perfect product for cladding your Queenslander. They are termite-resistant and can also resist decay for many years, even when exposed to varied weather conditions.

Standard & Better (STD & BTR) grading indicates that the timber material has moderate natural features which add interest to your cladding while maintaining a clean appearance.

Pine Weatherboards – An Ecological Choice

Pine is easy to work with for both the professional and home handyman and takes priming and painting readily.

Of course, pine is also an ecologically sound choice as it is grown and harvested in plantations throughout the country.

When restoring your Queenslander you should consider Narangba Timbers as your natural supplier of Pine Weatherboard.