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Garden & Landscaping

Whether you’re building a new retaining wall, replacing an old fence or building a patio for your backyard fire pit – timber should be your go-to material. Even for smaller projects like vegetable and garden beds, and sandpits. It is extremely versatile. It can blend in with the natural landscape, and enhance its beauty, or it can be used in a way that makes it the focal point of your backyard.


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When hardwood and softwood timber are combined in outdoor spaces, a natural look and feel is introduced into the space. Think a pine sleeper retaining wall next to a hardwood pergola, or hardwood garden beds with pine arbors built above them – flowers creeping up the timber.  

Outdoor seating, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, fencing, garden edging – there are so many ways to use timber to bring your landscaping vision to life.  

When building most landscaping projects, you’ll find most require some form or structural timber – and often this timber needs to be in direct contact with the ground. This means you’ll need to find timber with a suitable structural grading and treatment level so that your project doesn’t get destroyed by pests, rot or decay. Discover more about timber treatment. 

Untreated hardwood boasts a natural resistance against white ants and termites, making treated hardwood a premium choice for your landscaping project due to the added resilience H4 treatment provides.  

If you need an alternative to H4 CCA treatment for projects at locations like schools, playgrounds, childcare centers and other child-centric places, we recommend ACQ-treated timber. ACQ is a water-based timber treatment that combines copper and quaternary compounds without using arsenic. With CCA banned in many close-contact Australian applications, ACQ is often used for garden furniture, picnic tables, outdoor seating, children’s play equipment, decking, and handrails.

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