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Garden & Landscaping

Timber is ideal for all your garden and landscaping projects – it is extremely versatile. It can blend in with the natural landscape, and enhance its beauty, or it can be used in a way that makes it a starring attraction.

At Narangba Timbers, we have a huge range of timber suitable for your outdoor projects – including vegetable and garden beds, and sandpits.

Some great effects are achieved when you combine hardwood and softwood species for a natural look and feel. Outdoor seating, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, fencing, garden edging - there are so many ways to use timber to bring your landscaping vision to life.

For many garden projects the timber is in direct contact with the ground so it needs to be able to withstand damp conditions and insect attacks. Treated wood products are extremely durable and resistant to termites and decay and are commonly used in garden and landscaping projects. Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) is a widely-used wood preservative.

Untreated hardwoods, many of which have natural resistance against white ants and termites, or ACQ-treated wood products, which use an alkaline arsenic-free preservative, are popular alternatives to CCA-treated wood. We are happy to order in ACQ treated logs for you.

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