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Pergolas, Carports & Patios

Outdoor structures like carports and pergolas look the most attractive when they complement the design of your home. Timber that is rated for outdoors is ideal for these projects as it offers great flexibility in colour and style. Our robust hardwoods also stand up to the often harsh Australian conditions such as long days in the sun, strong winds, rain, and storms.

And for the DIYer, pergolas, carports and patios are ideal projects especially if you're a novice – and the Narangba Timbers team is on hand to help you to choose the best materials for your project.

Pergolas were originally built to give structure to climbing plants or vines. But the present-day pergola is often a covered shelter for a verandah, patio or entertaining area. Your pergola and patio can create a cosy and sheltered area for you to entertain, relax and enjoy your garden.

Various styles and shapes are possible – either as extensions to your house or as free-standing structures in the middle of your garden. A rectangular pergola attached to the main building is the most common, but free-standing hexagonal or even circular gazebos are also popular.

Carports are often added to homes instead of, or in addition to, a garage. They are particularly useful when a household has a one-car garage, but two cars needing shelter. Carports are increasingly being built for boats and motorhomes when they are not being used.

The added benefit of a building a carport in your home is that it can also serve as a sheltered entertainment area.

To be sure that you select the right timber for your pergola, gazebo or carport, just ask one of our experienced and helpful staff.

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