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Uses for Softwoods

Timber suppliers in across Australia usually offer a lot of choices to those looking for timber to complete a project. While most of the choices are hardwoods, softwoods are still used for a lot of different projects.

What are Softwoods?

Softwood is the term for the wood of a coniferous tree. In other words: a pine. Most species of pine are softer than hardwoods, have prominent annular rings and are lighter in colour than most hardwoods.

Australia has a lot of native softwood species, such as hoop pine, white cypress and celery top pine. A lot of non-native species are grown here, too, such as slash pine and radiata pine.

Advantages and Benefits of Softwoods

The name “softwood” almost implies an inferiority to hardwood, but softwood is every bit as useful as hardwood. Softwood species are easily replaced because they grow so quickly. This is pretty much the definition of “renewable” or “sustainable.” Because they are so plentiful, they are economical and are the timber of choice for many projects.

Softwood has a softer surface, but it is still a very strong timber. They are lightweight and their “softness” makes them a lot easier to work with than hardwoods. They are also a lot lighter than hardwoods, making them easier to transport to your work site.

Softwoods are a bit less durable than hardwoods, but they absorb finishes, adhesives and preservatives much more easily than hardwoods. Due to their superior absorption characteristics, treated pine is very durable. It is resistant to termites, bacteria, fungal attacks and moisture.

Uses for Softwoods

Since pine absorbs finishes such as paint, varnish, oil and urethane, it is perfect for home woodworking projects. Pine can be used for cladding, decking, flooring, panelling, structural framing, beams, poles, benchtops, furniture and cabinets. Pine is often the timber of choice for DIY projects because it is economical and easy to work with.

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