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Can Timber Maximise Green Star Ratings?

We are timber suppliers who are fully committed to responsible and sustainable forestry practices. We feel that we can help the environment by only supplying timber that has been ethically and sustainably sourced. But did you know that building with timber can help the environment in other ways, too? One way of measuring environmental impact in the building industry is the Green Star Rating scheme.

What Are Green Star Ratings?

In 2002, the Green Building Council of Australia was created to help the building industry become more aware of its impact on the environment. Green Star Ratings are helping the industry switch to more sustainable building practices.

They came up with a voluntary rating system that gives four stars for “best practices” and gives six stars for what they call “world leadership” in construction and design. There are 9 categories that take into consideration a number of factors in design, site selection, construction and maintenance.

Two categories are especially relevant to timber suppliers in the Brisbane and Sydney area.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

IEQ is a measurement of the level of “volatile organic compounds” are released or discharged into the building. This is especially relevant to adhesives, solvents and paints. Timber buildings can be outfitted with all water-based adhesives, polyurethanes and paints, greatly enhancing the IEQ. Timber building materials don’t emit formaldehyde, which scores more points on the IEQ portion.

Materials (MAT)

Timber is a great building material for the environment. When a tree grows, it acts as a “carbon sink,” thus reducing greenhouse gases. When a tree is harvested, a new one is planted and becomes a new carbon sink. Also, timber is a great insulator, making heating and cooling more efficient.

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Your home may not even have a Green Star Rating, but timber is the most efficient building material for your home. It saves money for you on heating and cooling and helps lower your carbon footprint.

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