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If there’s one thing timber suppliers and homeowners in Brisbane agree upon, it’s that termites can ruin a home. We have had to help a lot of homeowners repair damage done to their homes by termites. Here are some helpful hints that may save you time and money.

Termites 101: the Basics

Termites are small insects that love to eat cellulose. Consequently, they attack any wooden structure that they find vulnerable. When they attack, they leave what is known as a “termite trail” of dead termites, eggs, faeces and digested timber. The digested timber looks like powder.

Recover From Termite Infestation By Timber Suppliers

If you have too many termites, they can threaten the structural integrity of your home. Some infestations are so bad that homes can collapse or cave in.

DIY Repair

In cases of moderate damage, you can often repair it yourself. The usual method is to scrape off the damaged timber and replace it with fillers. However, if moisture is present, reinfestation can occur. Often timber can be sealed and cut off the oxygen supply for any remaining termites. If you do decide to go the DIY route, it is important to monitor your results constantly and be wary of new termite colonies.

Calling a Professional

While some people can get away with DIY repair, especially if the damage isn’t extensive, most will probably opt for professional repair. Here are some telltale signs that professional repair is necessary: darkening of the timber surfaces, a hollow sound when you knock on the timber, small holes that are visible with no assistance and the aforementioned “termite trails.”

If you see any of these signs, don’t bother trying to repair it yourself unless you are a professional. The first call you should make is to a pest control service. After the termites are eradicated, then you can call a professional builder to repair the structural damage to your home.

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