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Termite Management for Every Homeowner

As one of the chief timber suppliers for the Brisbane and Sydney areas, the subject of termite protection and management is very important to us. We are proud of the high quality timber we provide to our customers and we don’t like seeing it damaged by termites. Although termites are a part of life throughout Australia, it is possible to keep them from damaging your home. Here are some things you need to know about termites.

Management Works Best

It is impossible to avoid termites. Believe it or not, homes constructed of brick or steel are just as likely to be attacked by termites as those made of timber. Your possessions, such as clothing, books, art and even plastic items are also attractive to termites. Housing materials such as plasterboard and carpeting also sustain damage from termites on a regular basis.

The risk of infestation is affected more by location than by choice of housing materials. Effective management of termites is best accomplished with a program including barriers and inspections.

Avoid High Risk

If an area has a lot of “food” for termites nearby, such as established bushland, you will be more at risk for termites. This also applies in chronically damp areas because it is easier for them to build mud tunnels into your house. When building a home, make sure to leave room at each boundary for inspections to take place. Home extensions that aren’t properly integrated into your home, ventilation and barriers can also present increased risk for attack.

Build Effective Barriers

Barriers can’t prevent termites from getting in, but they do prevent hidden entry. This allows inspectors to accurately assess where termites may be entering your home. A great barrier system allows for easy inspections and “herds” the termites into a place where they can be easily spotted and exterminated.

Have Regular Inspections

While Australian Standard AS 3660.2 mandates inspections every twelve months, we recommend 2-4 inspections per year.

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