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Keep your timber decking in great shape to handle all the Brisbane climate has to offer.

Timber decking is becoming one of the more popular choices for alfresco living in Brisbane. In earlier posts, we have described how to maintain a deck made of kwila and we explained how to choose the appropriate timber for your deck. For this post, we would like to delve a little deeper into the finer points of maintaining a timber deck.

Maintaining and Cleaning your Timber Deck

Free of Debris

It is important to keep a timber deck free of debris, especially sand. Sand can be ground into your deck’s finish by the mere act of walking. Walking on the deck while it is sandy is one of the fastest ways to deteriorate the finish and then the wood itself. Sweep at least once a week, even if you think your deck doesn’t need it. If you see anything on your floor, sweep it before using the deck.

At least twice a year, be sure to scrape any small debris or sand from the spaces between your boards. Also, clean all spills immediately. Liquids and food solids can deteriorate your finish if you aren’t careful.

Cleaning the Deck

Some woods and some finishes will tolerate cleaning with soap and water. Some won’t. Make sure you check with us or with your finish manufacturer about whether or not your deck will be safe to clean with soap and water.

Many timbers and finishes need a special timber deck cleaner. This can prolong the life of your finish and your timber.

Pressure Washing? Be Careful!

It has become popular in many circles to pressure wash timber decks. While it is really easy to do and can seem very effective, it can also damage the finish. If the finish is damaged, the moisture penetrates the timber with the potential for a lot of damage.

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