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ACQ Treated Pine Timber Decking Safe, Cost Effective and Hard Wearing

ACQ treated pine is a safe and hard-wearing alternative to CCA Treated Pine for those looking for a cost-effective decking product.

In fact, CCA is not commonly used for decking due to the fact that it is treated with arsenic whereas ACQ Treated Pine does NOT include arsenic (ACQ stands for “Alkaline Copper Quaternary.” It is a non-toxic, ecologically friendly alternative to CCA).

ACQ Treated Pine Lasts Longer

ACQ contains copper, which is non-toxic. ACQ is a water-based treatment that helps protect timber against fungi, bacteria, insects and decay. This makes it last a lot longer than it would without treatment. It can also outlast many hardwood species that don’t offer protection against timber’s natural enemies.

ACQ Treated Pine does have a green tint, however, this is not noticeable once it is stained or painted.

Pine Decking - the Ecological Choice

Pine decking is an excellent environment friendly choice as the timber is grown in plantations and quickly replaced once harvested.

Pine timber decking is easy to install both for the professional and for the home handyman. Sealing, staining and painting is also a simple process delivering a designer result on a common-sense budget.

ACQ Treated Pine is also a perfect cost-effective timber product for fencing and screening.

Timber decking is the option many designers choose when it comes to extending living spaces, adding pool surrounds or a veranda and outdoor entertainment areas.

With ACQ Treated Pine you can be safe in the knowledge that your timber decking is perfectly safe for your children and pets whilst delivering a wear, pest and fungus resistant installation that will last many years.