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Is Timber Good for Your Health?

As the foremost timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney, we have often felt that timber is good for our health. But we have never actually seen any scientific research on the subject until now. In March of this year, a group called Planet Ark released a report about Timber’s effect on health. When Timber is incorporated into the interior design of buildings where we work, learn, heal, live and play, it has been found to have a positive effect on our health.

One of the best uses of timber for interior design is called nature connected design, also called “biophilic design.” Students and workers in buildings using nature connected design benefit from lower heart rate and lower stress response. Patients recover faster after surgeries. Residents in aged-care facilities tend to interact with each other more regularly and more effective when timber is integrated into the interior design.

Why This is Important to Us Timber Suppliers

In Australia right now, it is estimated that we spend 90% of our time indoors. Sadly, within one generation, almost all children's play has moved indoors and backyards are shrinking or disappearing altogether at an unprecedented rate. The amount of time we work and its corresponding stress levels have risen, while technology has affected every facet of our lives.

Various pieces of research from around the world have determined that when timber is used in furniture, fittings and structure, those who inhabit the buildings benefit from it. The physiological and psychological health benefits of timber are now measurable and documented. Ultimately, patients tend to heal faster, students tend to learn better and people tend to be more calm and more happy in environments that incorporate timber.

It is important to publicise and establish to these benefits, especially in places such as hospitals where regulations make it difficult to incorporate timber. Incorporating timber into office environments is important, especially when the only “view’ from those buildings is more concrete buildings.

Using timber as a building material and as a design material also has a positive effect at fighting climate change. The healthier we can keep our environment, the healthier it keeps us.

Timber: The Building Material of the Future?

Timber is one of the oldest building materials, but concrete, steel and other materials have temporarily overtaken timber. However, research indicating the benefits of timber may be positioning it to once again become are dominant building material. Homes, offices, schools and apartment blocks are all poised to see an uptick in the use of timber. Even the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium is incorporating timber into its design.

Many architects are now incorporating timber into the design of homes, offices, aged care facilities and businesses to help owners enjoy the benefits of living among timber. Here is a partial list of Australian buildings with timber incorporated into the design: Dandenong Mental Health Centre, Tempe House, NSW, Marist College Bendigo Montagne Centre, Melbourne School of Design and the Library at the Dock, Victoria Harbour, Melbourne.

A Summary of Benefits

We wanted to summarise these benefits for you so you can see how effective timber is at producing a state of well-being.

  • Timber lowers stress response and heart rate in workers and students
  • Timber improves cognitive function and self-esteem
  • Timber helps you recover faster after surgery
  • Timber encourages residents of aged care facilities to interact with each other more

We're pretty sure that a lot of you reading this already know about the benefits of timber on some level. As a foremost supplier of timber decking in Queensland and New South Wales, we already know how much people love to sit on their completed timber decks and enjoy food, beverages and friendship.

We also know how much better timber flooring looks than any other kind of flooring. And we love the natural look that well-built timber fencing can produce.

Beyond Timber Sales

We are a third-generation, family-owned Timber sales facility. The business has treated us well. But if we didn't love timber, we would find something else to do tomorrow. Ultimately, no matter how much technology pushes us into a more modern era, we will always long for simpler days. Timber has a natural beauty that reminds us of those simple, carefree days when we can just relax and enjoy life.

To us, that's as healthy as it gets.