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In our 44 years as timber suppliers in the Brisbane area, we have provided homeowners with a lot of timber for a lot of different purposes. One item that is becoming more popular lately is timber sleepers. They are also called railroad ties because that was their original use, but they have become extremely popular for use in gardens, not only in Australia but around the world.

Unlike many sleepers, ours are untreated. That means those of you who are worried about treated timber can feel safe when using our sleepers to make children’s sandboxes, garden furniture or vegetable gardens. Timber sleepers are an attractive addition to any garden.

Timber Suppliers in Brisbane - Timber Sleepers

We offer them in two sizes: 200 x 50 x 2.4 and 200 x 50 x 3.0. Of course, you can cut them down to any length you like for more elaborate projects.

Applications and Benefits

We like timber sleepers because they are so versatile. This gives homeowners a lot of options and creative outlets for using timber sleepers to improve their gardens.

Retaining Walls

Timber sleepers can easily be turned into retaining walls. Our sleepers are plenty thick enough at 200 mm and can handle all of the dirt that is pressing against them.

Veggie Beds and Sandboxes

We know these are two different uses, but the structures are pretty much the same. They are the same project with different “filling” and different dimensions. They are a great boundary to make sure a lawnmower never clips your veggies by accident.


Sleepers make great steppers if you have elevation changes in your backyard. Ironically enough, they can often look exactly like railroad tracks but without the rails. You will see this particular application in many parks with elevation changes.

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