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Like many timber suppliers in Brisbane, we carry a product called Laminated Veneer Lumber or LVL. LVL is what is known as an engineered structural timber product. They are manufactured by separating timber into veneers and using a structural adhesive to bond them together. Usually, the grain of every veneer is placed parallel to all of the other veneers. However, for some applications, grains are cross-banded.

Laminated Veneer Lumber - Timber Suppliers

Lamination provides a structure that disperses strength more evenly. This gives LVL a higher bending strength than non-laminated timber of an equivalent species. LVL is produced in wide sections called billets. These billets are then sawn into sections as thick as 105 mm and as wide as 1200 mm. At Narangba Timbers, our largest size is 525 mm wide and 75 mm thick.

The veneer structure of LVL improves the structural properties of the timber significantly because defects are randomised. If timber has a knot, for example, it could damage the structural integrity if left alone. With LVL, that knot is dispersed over numerous laminates, lessening its weakening of the overall piece of timber. The end result is a stronger, stiffer piece of timber.

The standard thickness of veneers used for LVL is 3 mm, but they can range from 1 mm to 6 mm thick. Any grade veneer is appropriate for LVL, as long as each sheet is of uniform thickness and the sheets are free of decay or active insect attack.

Typically, LVL is used in applications where large section sizes, long lengths, stiffness and high strengths are advantageous. These applications include: portal frames, roof truss components, purlins, lintels, floor joists and similar applications.

LVL is not used in applications where appearance is important because glue lines are often easy to see. LVL can be treated for termite resistance to a level of H2.

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