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If you have been looking for timber decking in Brisbane, you may have noticed ACQ Treated Pine as an option. A lot of people get ACQ treated pine confused with CCA Treated Pine. CCA Treated Pine is used mainly for timber fencing because the “A” stands for arsenic. It is not regarded to be a safe material for timber decking due to the chance of exposure to the arsenic during everyday life.

Timber Decking Brisbane - ACQ Treated Pine

Because CCA is an effective treatment but is only seen as safe for timber fencing, timber professionals began to look for alternatives to CCA. ACQ is the best alternative currently available. ACQ stands for “Alkaline Copper Quaternary.” It is a non-toxic, ecologically friendly alternative to CCA.

Like CCA, ACQ contains copper, which is non-toxic. It also contains a fungicide and a bacteriocide which makes your timber resistant to rotting. The quaternary ammonium compound acts as an insecticide and a biocide which helps fight copper-resistant microbes.

Quaternary, known as “quat,” is a standard ingredient in sanitising solutions for commercial dishwashers. If you eat at restaurants often, you have used a lot of plates and utensils in which quat was used during the final sanitising process.

In Australia, CCA treated timber is relegated mostly to uses such as timber fencing. Those who would like treated timber for timber decking in Brisbane are not allowed to use CCA treated timber. Luckily, ACQ Treated Pine has proven to be an inexpensive but effective alternative.

ACQ Treated Pine is classified as a “softwood” but is still durable. The treatment provides protection against termites and rotting. It also protects the timber from high sunlight exposure. However, it does have a green tint unless you stain or paint it.

The only real downside can be easily worked around. You will need to use fasteners that are made of hot-dipped, galvanised stainless steel or copper.

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