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We feel that our timber sales and customer service people are the finest in Brisbane. They have told us more than once that it would be nice if there was a guide to help explain the popular building materials to beginners. We agree with them and would like to give you a beginner’s guide to the most common building materials in Australia. While this is for beginners, even seasoned pros may learn a thing or two.

Timber Building Materials

Timber, Plywood and Laminates in Australia

Timber is everywhere. Timber is cut straight off of the tree; you are getting pure timber in its natural state. Because it is so easy to produce, it is usually the least expensive, especially native Australian hardwoods or pine. Timber can be used for small projects like a picket fence to larger projects like an elaborate timber deck. You can build your new home with timber and it will work out great.

Laminate Building Materials

Laminates are combinations of fibreboard and resins that are layered on top of each other. Standard laminate has four layers: balancing, core, pattern and wear. It is an inexpensive but durable way to build a floor. Since installation is easy, you can save money by doing the installation yourself.

Laminate is great for children’s floors because it is resistant to the wear and tear that children can put on a floor. It requires the least maintenance of any of the three materials.

Plywood Building Materials

Plywood is produced by gluing together several different wood layers. This creates a very strong timber product that can last for years. Plywood offers resistance to warping, cracking and other wear and tear items. Plywood is so durable that it is used for flooring, new home construction, roofing and many more applications.

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