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Environmental Responsibilities of Our Suppliers

As prolific timber suppliers, we feel a responsibility to not only our neighbours in the Brisbane and Sydney areas, but to Australia and to the world to act in an environmentally responsible manner. One of the ways we do that is to only carry ethically and sustainably sourced timber. That means a lot more than it sounds like on the surface.

Domestic Suppliers

We prefer timber suppliers who stick to guidelines developed by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. They are part of the Queensland Code Applying to Native Forest Practice on Freehold Land.

Trees need to be harvested at the right time to be seen as sustainable and to avoid damaging our environment. We have described the carbon-oxygen cycle here in numerous blog posts. Here are the general guidelines.

When a Tree Cannot be Removed

  • If it is required as a habitat tree or a seed tree.
  • If it has not yet reached the “best practice” part of its growth phase.
  • If it is in a co-dominant or dominant position with a vigorous, healthy crown and free of fault.
  • If it is a desired species for the future stand.

When a Tree Should be Removed

  • When it is at its “best practice” part of the growth phase or “optimum product size.”
  • When it is suppressed or in bad health.
  • When it has defects or mistletoe infestation.

Import and General Guidelines

  • Pay attention to watershed modification and soil management.
  • Adhere to strict principles of water conservation and waste management
  • Be committed to efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Use the principles above to preserve forests as a “carbon sink” and engage in “environmentally friendly silviculture.”

Why We Care

We work with timber all day. It is our lives. We are deeply committed to ensuring that there will always be enough timber for all of Australia’s needs and that we live a lifestyle that is sustainable for many generations to come. We want a greener Australia for our children and their children.

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