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Narangba Timbers Supports Responsible Forest Management

As the foremost timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney, we feel a responsibility for ethical sourcing and responsible forest management. As a country that supplies most of our own timber products, we need to manage our forests in a manner that guarantees sustainability for our generation and future generations.

Timber is responsible for a host of products that we take for granted in Australia: panelboards, veneers, pulp, structural building components, containers made of fibreboard or wood, paper and wood chips.

The timber industry is responsible for $10 billion in sales per year. It provides jobs for approximately 82,500 people, including 52,000 in forestry, logging and manufacturing. It is our mandate and responsibility to take care of our forests by managing them properly.

How it Works

In an ideal sustainable hardwood plantation, trees are grown in a manner that they are releasing oxygen into the environment while turning carbon into timber. This creates a negative carbon footprint and reduces the volume of greenhouse gases into the environment.

When trees are planted to replace all of those which are harvested, the supply is said to be “sustainable” because there is no net loss of timber. In addition, once a tree has reached the upper end of its growth curve, its benefit to the environment slows down. It isn’t turning carbon into timber as quickly, lessening its reverse carbon footprint.

Responsible forest management includes harvesting older trees and planting new ones to replace them and doing it in a way that no other part of the ecosystem is harmed. One of the techniques is tree spacing. Each row of trees should be 4m apart and each tree should be 2.5m from the next tree. This is a perfect balance of density: the canopy prevents weeds from proliferating while the spacing allows each tree to have enough nutrients to thrive.

For More Information

To learn more, call Narangba Timbers today on 1300 477 024. We are dedicated to providing ethically sourced timber and supporting responsible forest management.