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Be Responsible When Getting Rid of Timber Waste

As a firm responsible for a lot of timber sales in Brisbane and Sydney, we always encourage responsibility when getting rid of timber waste. We don’t like seeing timber that we provided go to waste or harm the environment in any way. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to reuse or recycle timber and to responsibly dispose of that which can’t be recycled or repurposed.

Some construction firms have become so good at re-purposing timber scraps that virtually nothing goes to waste. Here are some great tips for using every scrap of timber that you purchase for your decking or flooring project or even to build a new home without letting any go to waste.

Perfect Measurements

Get your measurements right the first time. Modern computer technology allows most timber suppliers across Australia to minimise off-cuts and allow you to to reuse most smaller off-cuts. For an addition, extension or a new home, you can use prefabricated plantation pine trusses and frames that leave virtually no on-site waste. If you do have off-cuts, they can be used to support the roof.

Recycling or Reusing Timber Waste

The timber pallets that contained your timber, bricks and other building materials can be picked up by or returned to your supplier, who may reuse or recycle them. Waste can also be chipped and used as mulch. If you have no use for timber waste, make sure you know where it can be recycled. Recycled timber is now being converted into products such as animal beds or particleboard. It is also being used to create renewable energy. However, if you are recycling timber, make sure that it is clean, with no preservatives or foreign substances on it.

When Not to Reuse or Recycle

Termite treated timber such as CCA or Blue Pine framing cannot be recycled, reused, burned or used for mulch because it can be harmful to the environment and is extremely toxic.

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