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Top Uses for Particle Board

Particle boards are actually fibreboards that have been manufactured from wood scraps, such as sawdust, wood bits, sugarcane fibres and other components.

To form the boards, the materials are ground and pressed together to form a more solid and compact product. Afterwards, a binding agent is applied for added efficiency.

Particle boards have become quite a popular material for different purposes. And this popularity isn’t that all surprising, considering that they are more affordable and versatile compared to other materials.

To be more specific, take a look at some of the ways particle boards are used:


If you try to look around, you’ll notice that many dressers, cabinets, entertainment centres and other furniture pieces are made from particle boards. Why? Again, it all boils down to affordability.

Particle boards, as mentioned earlier, are significantly cheaper compared to those made of natural wood. Of course, you can’t expect these to be more durable than hardwood, but there are actually certain furniture pieces made of this component that have been found to be quite durable. Hence, if you choose your pieces wisely, you’re bound to reap benefits.


If you are planning to accentuate your home, then using particle boards can be a good and more economical idea. Why? Because this material is not difficult to install and it’s quite easy to paint on.

You can use particle boards as moulding or trimming for your floors, windows, ceilings or doors. This can help give your home some added beauty, eventually giving it a new “aura.”


Particle boards, as a rule, should not be used as floors. However, you can use them to cover your hardwood floors, as protection.

If you want, you can also cover your “particle-board-floor” with tiles or a carpet, for a more unique look. In case you want to go back and use your old hardwood floors, that won’t be a problem. Particle boards are not only easy to install, but they can be easily removed as well.


Particle boards actually absorb sound. That’s the reason why they are used for speakers. Recording studios and concert venues also use this material for their floors and walls, for the same reason.

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