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Timber sales is one of the most rewarding businesses you can imagine. We have the privilege of supplying timber decking, flooring, fencing and a wide range of other building materials to our Brisbane neighbours on a daily basis. We provide timber for a lot of professionals, but we also supply a lot to people of all professions for DIY projects.

Over the years, we have heard our share of DIY horror stories. Because we want our customers to always be happy, we try to anticipate problems in advance. Some of the mistakes fall into patterns that can be easily fixed, just by taking care of a few things before you start. Here are the things that you must do before starting a DIY project.

DIY Timber Projects

Talk to Your Council

This is the biggest thing that you can do to help avoid a DIY disaster. You must talk to your council and make sure that you are within the regulations for your area. You need to know about zoning. You need to know if the variety of timber you want to use is prohibited. You need to know that you are actually allowed to build a deck in the location you want to build it.

If you are tearing anything down, you need to know regulations about that, too. Do you need an inspection to determine whether or not you are disturbing toxic substances such as lead, treated timber, powdered materials, volatile organic compounds or asbestos. If so, you will need to know how to remove them without impacting the environment or putting yourself or your family in danger from toxic exposure.


You also need to know where all of your services are coming into your home. You don’t want to rupture a line transporting water, sewage, electricity or gas. Accidents involving any of these can cause major damage and even death.

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