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When it comes to timber fencing, we have a great selection and a wealth of information and experience in serving the Brisbane market. Timber fencing is a very popular option in Brisbane, both with professional installation and as a DIY project. Here are some of the benefits of timber fencing.

Benefits of Timber Fencing

Natural Beauty

Timber is part of nature. A timber fence lends a great aesthetic to your garden. If you live in a natural setting, a fence made of steel or other materials is almost an intrusion into your visual space. Timber provides plenty of choices and options for both providing a degree of privacy without making your home look like a prison ground.

You can choose to build a solid paling fence for total privacy. You can choose a post and rail fence or a picket fence to allow sightlines both in and out. Variations such as a lattice fence can lend quaint visual aesthetics to your garden.

Cost Effective

Timber fencing costs less than other fencing materials. There are plenty of options available from basic to slightly more decorative.

Easy to Install

You can build and install your timber fence, piece by piece. There is no huge roll of fencing as there would be with a chain link fence. It is nice to have a post hole digger but you can even dig post holes with no special tools or experience.

Ultimately, though, a timber fence is a great DIY project. You don’t have to call professionals all of the time.

Easy to repair

Since timber fencing is done piece by piece, you can also repair it piece by piece. If one paling has an “accident,” you can easily replace it with another paling.

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