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Plan to Build a Timber Fence? How to Avoid Disputes with Your Neighbours

If you are thinking of putting up timber fencing, your neighbour can be held responsible for half of the cost under Queensland law. These are called “dividing fences” and often cause disputes among neighbours.

If you are building a fence as a dividing fence and expect your neighbour to contribute, it is wise to work with your neighbour to avoid disputes. At Narangba Timbers, we know that it is sometimes easier said than done, but it is always better to do everything you can to save the time, money and hassle of a dispute with your neighbour.

Keep on Good Terms with Your Neighbour

If possible, stay on good terms with your neighbour. This makes it a lot easier to resolve any differences before they become disputes. It is always better to reach an agreement than it is to involve the legal system. When discussing the fence, do it face to face. It is more difficult to be disagreeable face to face than it is over the phone.

Consult Your Neighbour

Remember that you both own any fence that divides your properties. If you are planning to build a new fence or make any alterations to the current fence, always talk to your neighbour about it first. You will also need permission to attach anything to the fence, such as latticework, shade sails, signs or canvas.

Building a Fence

If you are building a fence, you should have talked to your neighbour already and have provided them with a letter. This letter should tell them how the fence is going to be built and how much it will cost. You should have at least one quote but a second quote for courtesy’s sake is a good idea. You are both responsible for “your half” of the money, but if one of you wants more work done, that person can pay extra.

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