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We have provided a lot of timber fencing in the Brisbane area. The timber fence is an Australian tradition and still the most popular fence in Queensland, even today. Besides their iconic appearance, timber fences still provide the most value for the money.

So, why is timber fencing still so popular in Brisbane, Queensland and across Australia? There are a number of reasons. Here are a few.

Easy to Build

Timber is much easier to work with than any other material. It can be easily cut to any length and you can adjust it at home if you wish. The fasteners are easy to install and everything is rational and sensible. Even those who can’t build anything else can build a fence with enough patience.

Popular Timber Fencing In Brisbane and Queensland


A timber fence provides privacy from neighbours or passers-by. Not only does it keep people from seeing into your garden, it also insulates sound and makes it much more difficult for anyone to hear you unless you intend for them to hear you.

Blends into Nature

Because timber is nature, it blends into nature perfectly, especially if you opt for staining that allows the grain to show through. If you opt for paint, though, no worries: even a painted timber fence blends in with nature well, especially if it is painted a natural shade of brown.

Easy to Change Colours

If you decide you are tired of a natural tone or just want to tweak the colour a bit, a timber fence is easy to paint. You can change colours whenever you want. If you change the colour of your house, you can easily change the colour of your fence to match it.

Easy to Redesign

If you build a timber fence and get tired of the design a year or two later, it can be easy to redo or redesign using the same timber. You can’t do this with aluminium.

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