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Everything you need to protect your timber deck

Help your timber deck withstand the Brisbane and Sydney climates while looking great and performing even better.

The mighty timber deck is one of the best parts of living in Queensland and New South Wales. Relaxing in the afternoon with a glass of wine or enjoying breakfast with the family on a Sunday morning makes the time and effort spent on building your perfect deck well worth it.  

However, without the right protection, you could find yourself with a deck that's prematurely discoloured and deteriorating. We'll help you find the best finish to keep your deck in tip top shape, endure harsh weather conditions and remain the visual centrepiece of your home.


Outdoor Furniture Decking

Choosing Decking Finish for Your Timber

What decking finish should I use?

Each timber has unique characteristics that react to different types of treatment.

Benefits of using oil-based decking finish

  • Extended drying time suitable for even coating
  • Penetrates deeper into wood
  • Offers premium durability against harsh conditions
  • Efficiently shows wood grain detail

Benefits of using water-based decking finish

  • Quick to dry and easy to maintain
  • Releases moisture in the timber
  • Offers lasting colour-retention
  • Non-flammable

While there are water-based treatments that claim similar durability, oil-based treatments are recommended for decking exposed to harsh elements. An oil-based decking stain penetrates deeper into the timber, giving maximum resistance to abrasive impacts.

Tips for choosing the right stain for your timber

  • Pressure treated timber can crack, giving moisture a direct route into the timber
  • Changes in moisture levels can further cause the timber to expand and contract
  • If you apply a stain that forms a film, it may further crack and peel
  • Transparent wood protectors and water repellents reduce cracking, eventually weathering into a grey tint
  • Stains with light pigmentation help bring out the timber’s grain while protecting the timber’s fibres
  • A solid colour provides more protection, concealing the wood grain.
  • If you apply solid colours, use a decking stain that will penetrate deep into the wood to seal the timber

Discover our recommended timber types for your decking project.Outdoor setting timber

Timber oils, stains and paints

Dulux Intergrain

Produced with natural ingredients, Dulux Intergrain maintains the organic qualities of your timber. It is highly recommended due to the penetrating formula.

  • Protects against deterioration
  • Resistant to water, ultraviolet and mould
  • Made from 95% sustainable ingredients


Easy to apply and cost effective, QCoat is a natural oil that designed to enhance the look of your timber deck

  • Minimises warping and splitting
  • Defends against discolouration
  • Offers protection against ultraviolet light

Preparing Timber for Deck Finishing

Exposed timber requires a protective finish within 90 days. Apply the first coat prior to assembling the deck, ensuring the ends, faces and edges are all covered. Allow new timber to dry for two to three weeks to reduce moisture levels.

Surface preparation

Prior to oiling your deck, you must thoroughly clean and remove all residue off the surface. For a cost effective clean, you can form your own deck cleaner by using sodium percarbonate. Found in Napisan stain remover, all you need is two cups in a bucket with half filled with hot water. Lightly apply cleaner to the deck with a stiff-bristled decking brush. Lather the cleaning solution across the timber in a sweeping motion and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes. Apply additional cleaner and use the wet brush to scrub the deck. Use a hose to rinse off excessive cleaner and allow the decking to rest for a few days.New timber decking

How to oil Your Deck

Applying decking oil

Once your surface is prepared and you’ve decided on a suitable decking finish, it’s time to start applying the decking oil.

What you’ll need

  • A wool pad (avoid bristle brushes)
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Exterior decking oil (8 sq. m per 1L)

Apply a thin layer of oil in the direction of the grain. Brush out any bubbles as they form, ensuring the finish is equalised while preventing oil from collecting inside of the grooves. Carefully brush the edges for a full coverage. Ensure the first coat is dry before applying the second coat. In warm and dry weather conditions, the first coat may dry within an hour, however, drying time will vary depending on exposure and environmental factors. Applying the second coat will enhance your deck’s appearance, while filling any visible gaps left in the first coat. A minimum of two coats will give your decking durable ultraviolet protection and stronger resistance to harsh conditions. For maximum protection, we recommend applying three coats.

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