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We have been supplying decking materials to the Brisbane area since 1972. One of the “great debates” of decking boards is “which way are the grooves supposed to point?” The short answer is that the grooves are supposed to point down. Here’s why.

Decking Grooves Facing the Right Way

The Groove Up Argument

There are a lot of people who argue that the grooves should be up. Their arguments can be convincing. One of the more convincing arguments, even if it doesn’t make sense is, “They wouldn’t put the grooves there if they didn’t have a purpose. They are supposed to go up.” Other arguments: they are less slippery when wet and they look better.

While these arguments are convincing to many, the truth is that the grooves aren’t supposed to be pointing upward.

Why Grooves Should Go Down

The grooves are meant to allow air to flow underneath the deck. This decreases the buildup of moisture. When there is less moisture, your deck is less likely to have a mould build-up. Mould and moisture are two factors that seriously affect the longevity of timber decking.

While this reasoning may seem bogus and the effects of the grooves may seem to be negligible, manufacturers take them seriously. So seriously, in fact, that many void the warranty if the grooves have been placed up.

Either way, placing the grooves down provides the added benefit of the deck being easier to clean. As for it being slippery, it is slippery when wet either way. Also: how many people like to go sit on a deck in the rain?

If you like to go out onto a wet deck, you can always buy a squeegee and push the water off of the deck. It’s actually quite a nice thing to do for your timber and could prolong the usable life span of your timber.

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