If you are building or renovating a timber deck and you live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, there are plenty of great choices for you, however, you do have to make sure you are using a timber that provides some degree of natural protection against the weather, insect pests, mould and fungus.

Choice of Decking timber

You have two choices when it comes to selecting the best timber for your timber deck. You can select hardwood or softwood.

The best choice for you will depend upon a number of factors including your budget, the required lifespan of your timber deck and the quality of finish you desire.

You can, of course mix and match using softwood for your timber decking planks and hardwood timber framing.

Hardwood Decking Timber

Hardwood timber decking lasts longer due to the durability of hardwood timber.

Many would also say that the quality of finish and the available range of colours is superior with hardwood decking.

Here at Narangba Timbers we have a very wide range of hardwood timber, both treated and non-treated.

Merbau Timber Decking

Many people believe that Merbau (also known as Kwila) is the best timber to use for a timber deck for a variety of reasons.

The first is appearance. Merbau is brown with a hint of orange when freshly cut. As it ages, it matures into a beautiful reddish brown colour.

While you can paint a timber deck any colour you like, there is a lot to be said for timber whose natural colour is as attractive as Merbau.

Best Timbers for Timber Decking in Brisbane

Merbau has a durability rating of Class 1, meaning you can expect at least 25 years out of it under normal use. It is available in “standard” and “select” varieties.

Blackbutt Timber Decking

Blackbutt timber is popular for timber floors, timber decks and external timber framing.

Blackbutt timber also has a durability rating of Class 1 and comes in a very modern architecturally friendly blonde colouring.

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

Spotted gum timber is an Australian timber that is great for timber flooring, timber decking, timber handrails, outdoor timber framing and landscaping.

Spotted Gum timber also has a durability rating of Class 1.

Wood from the spotted gum comes in mixed colours.

Select Pacific Jarrah

Select Pacific Jarrah is one of the more expensive timbers. It is the only timber we feel may be even more visually striking than Merbau.

Jarrah varies from light to dark browns and reds. Like Merbau, it has a distinctive look and people who like Jarrah won’t settle for any other timber when building a new timber deck.

We always make sure our Pacific Jarrah comes from sustainable sources. It has top ratings in hardness and durability, making it less susceptible to rotting, termites and bushfires.


Ironbark is a dark red timber that is known for its hardness and density. The bad news is that if you are an amateur, it can be hard to work with. The good news is that it provides the most natural protection against rotting, insects and bushfires of any timber species.

Not only is ironbark a favourite for timber decking, it is the most highly recommended timber if your deck is by a swimming pool.

F17 Hardwood

At Narangba Timbers you can purchase our F17 hardwood and F14 hardwood products.

These are comprised of mixed hardwoods of high structural strength which are commonly used for timber step treads, timber flooring, timber framing, sub floors, timber joists, timber bearers, timber posts, outdoor frames, timber decks, timber pergolas and timber verandahs.

Our mixed hardwoods are perfect for your timber framing requirements.

Softwood Timber Decking

Australia has many native softwood species like celery top pine, white cypress and hoop pine, as well as growing non-native species like Radiata pine and slash pine.

Pine plantations abound throughout mid to southern coastal regions of Australia (mostly Radiata pine) because it is quick growing and produces timber which is ideally suited to a range of construction projects.

ACQ Treated Pine

ACQ stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary. It is a safe substitute for CCA, or Chromated Copper Arsenate, which is toxic and only safe for fencing. ACQ is a safe treatment that provides protection against fungus, bacteria and insects.

While all pines are classified as “softwood,” treated pine is strong, easy to work with and doesn’t weigh as much as many hardwoods.

Pine is versatile because it readily absorbs deck oil, stain, paint and other finishes. It can also be a less expensive option than some hardwoods.

Timber Decking Calculator

Before you commence your project you may want to checkout our Timber Decking Calculator to understand how much timber your project will require.

You can also download our Timber Decking guide to get you started.

Narangba Timbers: Your Best Choice for Timber Decking in Brisbane

At Narangba Timbers, we have the best combination of timber decking materials and customer service in the Brisbane area. We have timber decking guides and a timber decking calculator online to tell you everything you need to help you build a timber deck that you can enjoy for years to come.

Best of all, we have a timber display deck at our showroom in Narangba. Our display deck has a variety of different timbers and finishes built into a deck so you can experience each timber and each finish in the most popular combinations.

If you would like to learn more or talk to our world class customer service staff, call us today: (07) 3888 1293 or send us your information on our contact form.