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Timber Decking in Brisbane: Durability Ratings

Over the years, we have provided a lot of timber decking materials for people in the Brisbane area. A lot of people ask us if durability ratings are important. We think they are very important. Most varieties of timber are going to have ratings of at least thirty years, but some are projected to last fifty years.

We are always going to recommend using the timber with the highest durability ratings for any timber decking project. But why are durability ratings important? Aren’t they just estimates? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Natural Durability Ratings?

The natural durability rating of timber is an estimate of how well it is able to withstand attacks from insects and microorganisms. All sapwood has poor resistance to attack, so only the heartwood will be rated.

To rate a timber species, historical data on the lifespan of stakes and poles planted into the ground are compiled. Since every location is different and every tree is different, even within a species, these ratings can never be perfect. But what they are is a great indication of a projected average lifespan of components made of the particular species.

What Affects Durability

Environment and use will always affect the lifespan of any timber product. We don’t want to bore you by getting too scientific, but timber posts and poles are at their most vulnerable between 200-300 mm above the groundline or below the groundline. That is where the timber isn’t too dry and isn’t too moist to provide a friendly environment for insects and microorganisms.

The Ratings

Class 1 timbers are usually rated for approximately 50 years of lifespan. Class 2 timbers are closer to 30 years. Merbau and Blackbutt are both Class 1 timbers and are always highly recommended.

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