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Know Your Timber: Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is another hardwood that is used for timber decking and hardwood flooring in Brisbane and Sydney. Spotted Gum is actually four different species of timber, all of which grow along our east coast, from the northern part of Queensland all the way down to Victoria. Spotted Gum has a distinctive “look” and a Class 1 durability rating.

Spotted Gum is mainly used for decking, railings, poles, posts, landscaping, flooring and outdoor framing. It is also used for many heavy duty industrial structural applications, including bridge and wharf construction, railroad sleepers, shipbuilding and cladding. Other interesting uses: polo sticks, diving boards, plywood and veneer.

Due to four different but related species, the colours vary from dark chocolate brown to pale heartwood, with the sapwood being very pale. The grain can be wavy, producing a unique appearance. Spotted Gum has an oily though coarse texture and it is very workable. However, the high amount of oil makes spotted gum resistant to many adhesives.

The sapwood is susceptible to lyctid borers, but the heartwood is termite resistant. If spotted gum components are at least 18 mm thick, it isn’t necessary to treat them with a fire retardant in bushfire prone areas. Spotted Gum trees grow around 40 metres tall. It is often used for planting along streets and in parks, but usually grows too tall for home planting.

Hobbyists like Spotted Gum for woodturning and carving, due to its workability. We see it as another versatile Australian timber.

If you are getting ready to build a deck or install a timber floor, drop by Narangba Timbers and look at our Decking Showroom. It will give you a chance to look at our many different varieties of hardwood. You can see how they look and feel the textures for yourself.

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