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How to Plan a Landscaping Project

When it comes to your home, you will always find something to improve—extend the master bedroom, upgrade the kitchen or buy new furniture. However, aside from the interior of your home, you should also consider the outside. You can add plant life or install fencing, but the most popular “tweak” is to turn your yard into a landscape masterpiece.

Landscaping projects are usually done by those who own some amount of land and it’s for a good reason. Many people want to make sure that their home is well taken care of and that includes keeping it attractive. Sometimes, you may have to make some changes—major, minor or both. The key here is to have a proper plan.

Make the Most of What You Already Have

The first major step in the planning process of a landscaping project would be to assess what already exists on your lawn or garden. Before making any additions or changes, it’s a good idea to envision how that would look with the rest of your setup. Would this new decking clash with the rest of your home? Is your old patio still functional?

Sometimes, you can even use already present foliage and structures to accentuate new additions or you can play with the elements you have and rearrange them to turn your yard into a whole new world. By checking out the items you already have, you won’t only boost your creativity; you can save money as well.

Masterpiece with a Purpose

Another factor to consider is not only how the new landscaping will affect the outdoor items, but also what your landscaping renovations are for. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by adding the extra fencing to your home? Do you need more shade in the garden? Thinking with a purpose doesn’t put into question the motivation behind the project of course; it just makes the plan easier and the effort more worthwhile.

The obvious broad purpose of landscaping is for aesthetic effect, but how exactly are you going to accomplish that? The answer to this question hints at what materials you are going to need for the project.

Who It Affects

Not only is your newest landscaping endeavour going to be related to the outdoors, but it will also have an impact on anyone living in the household. Remember that the area matters not only to you, but the rest of your family as well. It may not need to be said, but making sure that any new additions or edits are safe for any of the children in the family and even for the pets. Not only do you want to make sure the new timber decking is the best looking in your neighbourhood, but the safest as well.

The Climate Factor

When building anything in your front or back yard, it’s a good idea to factor in the climate of the area you live in. With any kind of outdoor structure, there is a potential risk for damages caused by harsh weather. If you are unprepared for a violent storm and know there is a potential for one, you’d be in for a rude awakening when your new landscaping structures don’t withstand it.

This applies to any additional plants as well, but the structures are most at risk for weather damage. Timber flooring for example would be able to withstand, with minimal damage, some of the bad storms that hit the Brisbane and Sydney areas. If you were to build with this kind of material, you’d have strong protection against such weather.

It is not only bad weather that should be prepared for either. Excessive sunlight or wind could also cause problems with the wrong kind of material or plants. Some plants can’t live well in extreme sunlight, so when planting them, make sure to do it in a shady area and vice versa. Some types of building materials can fade colour-wise under extreme sunlight exposure as well.

Cost and Circumstance

Logistics of what you are going to do for your landscaping project aside, the cost of the project is also a major factor. If you are planning on going all out, you need to make sure that you can afford such an endeavour. If not, you may need to save up some to avoid problems later. Then, you need to make sure you have the time for the project or if you need to hire someone to do it and how that fits in with finances and schedules. If everything lines up well, press on with your project.

The Many Factors

There is a lot to consider when going forward with a landscaping project. Many people want it done to make their house look nicer, but you also need to consider all of the factors, including existing structures, climate and cost.

If you’re planning a landscape project, our timber suppliers in Brisbane and Sydney can help. Call us at Narangba Timbers on 1300 477 024.