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As the foremost supplier of timber decking in Brisbane, we would like to provide you with a loose checklist of what you will need to build your timber deck.

Timber Decking in Brisbane Checklist

Planks and Boards

This is the part you will be walking on. We have a wide selection of timber species for timber decking. While a lot of people in Brisbane are happy with ACQ treated pine, which is a treated timber that is safe for decking and protects from termites and rotting, we recommend a hardwood such as Merbau, also called Kwila.

We have a decking calculator that can help you determine how much timber you need to buy based on the proposed measurements of your deck. We recommend always adding in at least 5% as a wastage factor. Be sure to know your bushfire rating so you buy the right kind of timber.

Posts and Rails

We can supply you with various treated softwoods that offer protection against rotting and borers when stuck in the ground. We also offer Merbau and other hardwoods. All of our selections will provide protection against termites and weather, while some are bushfire resistant.


We carry a full range of hardware, including galvanised framing nails, galvanised bolts, galvanised stirrups and stainless steel decking screws.

Sealing and Finishing

You will need to protect your timber with a finish of some sort. While some people like paint, we like Ultradeck Stain. Ultradeck is semi-transparent, allowing the natural grain to show through. It is available in a natural colour or in Merbau or Jarrah.

Visit our Decking Showroom

Anyone can sell timber decking supplies, but we have taken customer service a step further than most timber suppliers in Brisbane with a display deck. Our display deck has a variety of timbers and finishes so you can see what everything looks like and walk on it to get a “feel” for each timber/finish combination.

Don’t leave anything to chance. At Narangba Timbers, we have a customer service staff that is as good as anyone in the industry. We will help you start from scratch and progress to a finished timber deck that you can be proud of. To learn more, call us today: (07) 3888 1293.