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Whether you are tearing down a timber deck or building one, there are always going to be a some good timber decking materials left over. Whether you live in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, you are likely to eventually run into extra timber decking materials. We hate to throw away perfectly good timber and we are guessing you don’t like it very much, either.

Here are some creative uses for leftover timber decking materials that we found shared on various social media and the internet. We hope you enjoy them and get some good ideas.

Deck Furniture

By far, the best and most useful repurposing of timber decking material that we have seen is making it into deck furniture. This can be simple, such as a table. We have seen a backyard buffet made out of timber decking materials. They can be used for benches and more finished tables.

Leftover timber makes great planters or planting benches. We have even seen leftover timber turned into a hanging day bed. The timber can also be turned into a fixed cooler for those who don’t have a fridge on their deck. Fully formed coffee tables seem to be quite popular destinations for leftover timber, too.

Creative Uses for Leftover Timber Decking Materials

Decking Steps

If your deck is a step or two above the ground and you didn’t plan on having steps, it’s never too late to alter your plans and use your leftover timber to build steps. It’s a lot easier having those steps after a long day of entertaining your guests.

Soil Sieve

If you have some leftover screens somewhere, you can use four pieces of timber to make a sieve for gardening soil.

Flower Bed

Leftover timber decking materials make great flower beds. These can be large or small, but they are easy to make and the results are great.

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