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We have been in the timber sales business in Brisbane since 1972. In that time, we have seen a lot of trends come and go. One product that seems to just keep chugging along is pine logs. We have seen pine logs used for a lot of purposes over the years.

Timber Sales in Brisbane - Pine Logs

Our pine logs are treated with CCA, which stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate. CCA is controversial because they contain arsenic. They are prohibited for some uses in Australia. However, they are OK for many applications, too. CCA kills termites, lyctid borers, bacteria and fungi, all of which can attack timber. Since all of these attackers can shorten the life of your timber, CCA actually helps increase the expected life cycle of timber.

For those who don’t want treated timber in their yards, we are happy to obtain ACQ treated logs for you on special order. ACQ is a replacement for CCA. ACQ stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary. ACQ is made of copper and quaternary compound, which is ammonia-based.

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, you may have noticed the letters “quat” at the end of sanitisers. That stands for quaternary. We tell you this so you understand that ACQ is so safe it could be used to sanitise your dishes. We are happy to special order ACQ logs for you if you like.

Some people use them for timber fencing. We have also seen them used to make signs. They also make great retaining walls for hilly terrain. They can also be used to make cubby houses. They are most popular in landscaping, such as being used for garden edging. Really, though, this list just touches the surface of creative use of logs in backyards.

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