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Maintaining Your Timber Fencing

There's no doubt that timber fencing is popular all across Australia, and you'll know why once you install it in your own backyard. But you will have to perform some simple maintenance on it from time to time to keep it looking good. If you want your timber fence to last for years to come, these simple procedures will help.

Keep Applying Sealant When Needed

Most timber fencing will be CCA treated, but you still need to apply a sealant to protect your timber from water. We recommend using a sealant shortly after you build the fence. A good sealant will protect your fence from water for years before it begins to deteriorate. However, no situation is the same, so here’s what you do to make sure.

Put small amounts of water on your timber fence from time to time. If it beads up, the timber is still protected. If it seeps into the timber, it’s time to reseal.

Use High Quality Hardware

The hardware is just as important as the timber. Luckily for you, we have high quality hardware for all of your timber fencing needs at Narangba Timbers. Stainless steel and galvanised steel are the best materials for timber fencing.

Trim Vines and Shrubs

Make sure vines and shrubs aren’t putting physical pressure on your fence. This can damage the timber and permit excess moisture to seep into the timber. This can cause mould, mildew and rotting.

Don’t Use Sprinklers Near Your Timber Fence

Timber fencing has a certain amount of water resistance, but don’t challenge it by sprinkling it with water every day. If your fence is near a sprinkler or an irrigation outlet, it is receiving excess moisture. This will prematurely age your fence.

Call Narangba Timbers Today

If you want to build a timber fence that will look great and last a lifetime, call us today. We have the best selection of high quality timber at the lowest prices. Our customer service is professional, motivated and extremely knowledgeable. To learn more, call us today on 1300 477 024.