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Timber Sales in Brisbane Guide on Hardwood Timber

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in Brisbane since 1972, it’s that timber species can be confusing for first-timers. Sometimes there is a big difference between two species of hardwood and sometimes there is almost no difference at all in performance characteristics.

We thought it might be helpful to give you “thumbnail sketches” of our most popular hardwood timber species. When rating durability, class 1 is the most durable, followed by class 2 and class 3. Durability ratings are most relevant for use outdoors, where timber is subject to fungi, pests and weather.


Merbau, also known as Kwila, is our favourite timber for timber decking. It can also be used for flooring, framing and handrails. It is a unique brown with hints of red in colour and is in durability class 1.


Ironbark is also popular for timber decking. It can be used for framing, flooring, handrails and flooring. It is red and in durability class 1.


Despite its name, Blackbutt is a blonde timber that is used for outdoor framing, decking and flooring. It is in durability class 1.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is a mixed colour timber used for decking, flooring, outdoor framing, handrails and landscaping. It is also in durability class 1.

Mixed Hardwoods of High Structural Strength

These are used for everything that bears a lot of weight, including flooring, framing, step treads, bearers, joists, subfloors, framing, outdoor frames, patios, decks, extensions, verandahs and pergolas.

New Guinea Teak/Vitex

Vitex is a blonde timber that is used for decking, flooring, handrails, outdoor framing and step treads. It is rated durability class 2.


Kapur is a pink timber used for step treads, flooring and decking. It is rated durability class 2.

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