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Though most of our timber sales are for decking, flooring and fencing, we also provide a lot of timber for home renovations and building new homes in the Brisbane area. One of the biggest dilemmas homeowners often have is whether they should perform extensive renovations on their home or whether they should just demolish it and build a new one from scratch.

Often, a hybrid approach is used, where the homeowner renovates part of the house and rebuilds another part. Sometimes, this approach is used in tandem with an addition, making the home larger.

So, how do you know when to renovate and when to rebuild? Here are some considerations.

Renovate Or Demolish Home in Brisbane


An older home can often be in such a state of disrepair that it is cheaper to rebuild than it is to renovate. Often, it will be legal to live in a home built under outdated building codes that doesn’t comply with current codes. However, when selling or renovating the home, compliance with current codes is required. This situation will often result in a prohibitive expense when attempting to renovate.

Also, major structural damage can make it more feasible to rebuild. Older homes often aren’t as energy-efficient as those with modern materials and designs. While the materials may be less expensive when renovating, these kind of renovations can be so labour intensive that you are better off starting from scratch.


On the other hand, homes with heritage listings are subject to strict rules when renovating and usually can’t be rebuilt. Renovations won’t be allowed to alter the character of the building in any way.

Heritage overlays are not as strict but define what can and can’t be done to the building. These are usually created and enforced by local councils to ensure that a neighbourhood keeps its unique characteristics.

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