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Hardwood Battens for Garden Screening

Timber battens have been used in buildings throughout the centuries both internally and externally

Modern usage of timber battens, however, is breaking the mould.

They are being used in fencing, screening and facades externally and in walls and ceilings within homes.

Timber Battens for Privacy Screening

Primarily used on the outside of your home or in your garden, hardwood battens can provide great looking privacy screens for your property.

Spaced close together this configuration can keep prying eyes from seeing in whilst still allowing the light to penetrate and those inside to see out.

Hardwood battens whether arranged vertically or horizontally as a privacy screen add both style and value to your property.

Timber Battens as an External Facade

Timber battens provide a modern, contemporary look for your home.

They enhance the street appeal of your property increasing resale value whilst providing privacy from prying eyes.

When combined with natural stone, brick or rendered surfaces, hardwood battens can deliver frontage or an entrance area that ensures your home stands out from the crowd in your street.

Using Timber Battens to Create Internal Spaces

Architectural trends have seen the creation of large open spaces within private residences and offices.

This allows for bright rooms and a feeling of space and openness especially within living or communal areas.

From time to time you may wish to delineate a "space within a space" for a particular purpose, however, and this can be achieved through using spaced hardwood battens.

The benefit of this approach is that you do not sacrifice the feeling of space within your family living or communal office area.

Timber Battens in your Outdoor Entertainment Area

One of the major benefits of Australia is our amazing climate which allows us to enjoy our outdoor lifestyle nearly all the year round.

Everyone enjoys outdoor entertaining and lazy afternoons sitting outside in the fresh air whilst sharing a barbecue and refreshments.

Commonly a back garden is a combination of utility and recreation and this is where strategically placed hardwood battens can be used to gracefully hide a garage, driveway, shed or a clothesline without restricting the cooling breeze or giving that "closed in" feeling that most of us dislike.

Timber Battens from Narangba Timbers

Narangba Timbers supplies timber battens in a number of different timber types (Kwila / Merbau, Spotted Gum, Pacific Jarram or pine), sizes and configurations.

You can find out more about our timber battens here.