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One of the “dirty little secrets” of the timber industry is that some timber suppliers, in Brisbane and across Australia, don’t care about their customers. We think that is deplorable and have built our business since 1972 with an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

We have long gone out of our way to make sure that every customer is heard so that we can provide better products and better service. Sometimes, though, we feel like a lone voice in the wilderness. However, this could be changing soon.

Consumer Feedback On Timber Industry

What the FIAC Recommends

Recently, the Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC) commissioned a study and produced a document called “Meeting Future Market Demand.” It was a state of the art discussion about the state of the timber industry in Australia. We have been providing highlights and analysis of the document to help educate consumers.

We feel that educated consumers are great for the timber industry. And now, so does the FIAC. The FIAC recommends “further engaging consumers on the environmental credentials of Australian forest products” and helping consumers understand how forest products can help encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

Studies show that consumers love timber products because they already see timber as the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and visually appealing building material. Many consumers also understand that timber stores carbon, creating a negative “carbon footprint.” However, the FIAC feels that more consumers should be helped to understand the positive qualities that make Australian hardwood so unique: appearance, durability and strength.

How Timber is Harvested

Consumer input has been a vital ingredient in the current codes of practice regarding the harvesting of timber. Sustainable harvesting is now standard operating procedure. Environmental and social considerations play a huge role in the decision-making process regarding both plantations and forests.

Forests in the multiple use native forest category have attained certification that they are compliant with international standards for sustainable forestry. This indicates that a wide range of criteria are being met to ensure the ethical and sustainable harvesting of Australian forest products.

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