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Design Ideas for Your New Pergola

If you’re planning to install a new pergola for your home, then you might want to take a good look at your designs. After all, these can either make or break your project, and of course, we only want the best, right?

To make things a bit easier for you, here are some pergola designs that just might help you out:

Pergola with a Lounge Area

Adding some seats to your pergola can be a win-win solution for you. Complete the area with some good and comfortable seats, for that added “it” factor. You might also want to include some colourful plantings, to make things more relaxing.

If you want, you can also add a hanging swing to make the area more interesting. Just be sure that your structure will be able to support it. Vines can also serve as natural protection, thereby making things more convenient for you.

Pergola with Screens

Considering that a pergola is usually placed outdoors, it would be a good idea to install it with some screens, to ensure its usability. You can place the screens either on the sides or in other strategic areas, for added efficiency.

Pergola with Climbing Plants

Using climbing plants with your pergola can help “connect” your structure with your garden. Vines can also serve as a very good canopy which then allows you to use your pergola for dining or for other purposes. In short: it can make your pergola more relaxing and “greener” as well.

Deck Pergola

To make this possible, you can make use of arched beams for roofing and lattice panels as enclosure for the deck sides. Of course, you might also want to take into account the dimensions of your space, to ensure that the proper shading and designs are used accordingly.

Small or Tall Pergola

Whether you’re opting for a small or tall pergola, always keep your design and purpose in mind. Look at the width, depth and height of the area. Will a small pergola help maximise its potential? Or would a tall pergola be more advantageous? Remember: the key is to know details beforehand. This will make things easier for you later on.

Do you want to get pergola design ideas from a decking expert in Brisbane or Sydney? Call 1300 477 024.