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We are proud to use timber from sustainable, ethical suppliers. For us, it’s not just about timber sales; it’s about making Brisbane and Australia better places to live. For us, that means helping the environment by only handling timber that has been sustainably sourced.

Queensland has numerous timber plantations. They are a clean, sustainable source for timber. This not only provides us with a great supply of timber, it also helps combat climate change.

How Sustainable Timber Sales Help Brisbane and Australia

Timber stores carbon. It takes carbon from the environment and turns it into timber cells and fibres. Carbon is the main determinant in environmental impact because it is present in all greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Consequently, the measurement that is currently used to assess our effect on the environment is called the “carbon footprint.”

Most processes release carbon into the environment, including animals and humans, who inhale our air, absorb the oxygen and exhale carbon in the form of CO2. On the other hand, timber growth actually reduces the amount of carbon in the environment; the process is called “sequestering.”

When timber is harvested in a plantation, trees are harvested after they are no longer storing carbon at their peak rate and are replaced by new trees, which then grow to their peak rate of storage. On the other hand, if trees are just chopped out of a forest and not replaced, their capacity to store carbon is gone forever.

In 2008, the last year we have a measurement for, trees sequestered 23 mt of CO2. This is the equivalent of roughly four percent of Australia’s total emissions. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, it is a huge step in the right direction for a world that is rapidly trying to kill itself.

Most Ethical Timber Sales Outlet in the Brisbane Area

If you want timber sourced from ethical sources, mostly based in Queensland, call Narangba Timbers today. We carry some imported timber, but most of what we have is locally sourced, allowing us to offer some of the lowest prices in the business. Call us today: (07) 3888 1293.