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5 Creative Timber Retaining Wall Ideas

Looking to spice up your backyard space?

While there are plenty of ways to enhance your outdoor area, there’s nothing quite like the functionality and subtle beauty of a well-designed retaining wall!

Apart from making your property look effortlessly sophisticated, it also helps to provide a strong, terraced structure for garden beds – while also preventing erosion and controlling rainwater runoff.

If you’re planning to build a retaining wall, but don’t know where to start, we’ll get your brain buzzing with creative timber retaining wall ideas. 

First thing’s first:

Before you pull out the shovel and start poking around your backyard, spend some time developing a well-structured project plan. This means looking at where you’re going to place your retaining wall, what materials you’re going to use and – most importantly – how much you’re looking to spend. 

Our top 5 timber retaining wall ideas

  1. Hardwood timber 

If you’re looking for something that’ll stand the test of time, while also adding a sleek look to your garden, a hardwood timber retaining wall might be the choice for you. Durable hardwood timber types include Ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) and White Mahogany (Eucalyptus acmenoides). They’re naturally resistant to lyctid borers and termites, so you can be sure that your retaining wall will last.

  1. Timber sleepers
    Timber sleepers are a unique option for those looking to give their backyard space a rustic and natural look, without breaking the bank. To achieve this look, you’ll want to use older pieces of treated pine timber or timber that’s been stained or sanded. This style works best with old Queenslanders and country-style homes.
  2. Sloping timber wall
    Does your property have an awkward border? Perhaps you’re on a hill. In either case, you can use timber retaining walls to add symmetry to your backyard. If you require more support in certain areas, lay down some stone foundations and build on top of it. This will add some extra charm to your backyard space. 
  3. Raised planter bed
    If you love growing your own fruit and veg, what better way to add functional beauty to your backyard than by building a beautiful planter box within your timber retaining wall? 

From there, choose the plants you want to grow and watch them thrive! Just keep in mind the amount of sun and shade that your plants will receive.

  1. Built-in seating 

Forget backyard dining chairs! Invigorate your retaining wall with built-in seating. Adding a place to sit works especially well over the top of retaining walls that have been used for garden edging. You’ll no longer have to rely on heavy deck chairs to enjoy the sunlight. You can bask in the summertime rays from your own natural oasis in the midst of your beloved backyard garden.

If you need some extra help choosing your style, the team at Narangba Timbers are here to help. Visit us in-store or phone us on 1300 477 024 – we’re happy to help get your backyard looking beautiful!