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Timber can be a very durable and sturdy construction material. There’s no denying that. But does that make it indestructible? No.

There are certain elements that may ultimately cause the quick deterioration of timber and wood. And if you leave things without the needed attention, there’s a chance that it may lead to worse and even more severe problems.

So, what are the natural and traditional “enemies” of timber?

Why Use Treated Pine?

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Fungi
  • Insects
  • Other related factors

And so, the next question is: how can we prevent these elements from harming timber?

…By using treated pine.

Treated Pine: What is It?

Treated pine, simply put, is timber that has been treated with the needed chemicals and preservatives for protection. The usual solutions that are injected into this type of wood are fungicide and insecticide, although there are other solutions that may be used accordingly.

With the necessary treatments, timbers are able to develop a strong resistance against insects and wood-eating organisms and it also helps prevent premature decay. In short: treated pines are more durable and sturdier compared to untreated wood.

And because of this greater durability and versatility, treated pines are now more widely used for different purposes.

Here are some examples of how treated pines are utilised:

  • Retaining walls
  • Pergolas
  • Cladding
  • Posts
  • Poles
  • Decking
  • Many other purposes

Other Information

It is also worthy to note that the moisture content of timber is what makes it either more prone or less vulnerable to attacks from unwanted elements.

As it is, you should make sure that the treated pine you’ll be using has been properly “seasoned.” This means that any excess moisture should be removed, in order to allow the preservatives and chemicals to safely seep in.

There are different treated pine types for different uses. You can opt for water-borne preservative treated pine, solvent-borne treated pine or many other types. When picking your choice, however, make sure to keep your needs and uses in mind, as this can help maximise the durability and life expectancy of your timber.

One more thing: only deal with respected and professional suppliers, if you want to keep unwanted issues at bay.

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