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Benefits of Timber Frames

Framing is a very important aspect of a home or any structure for that matter. Accordingly, it would be more viable if we are able to make use of sturdy and durable structural frames, to ensure the utmost efficiency.

Incidentally, one very effective type of framing is timber frames. In fact, this frame type has been described as so strong, that it is able to endure the entire load of the house, even without utilising exterior cladding. In effect: it can make your structure even better than it already is.

To make things a bit clearer, let’s look into the specific advantages of timber frames:

High Quality

Timber frames have been specifically manufactured to provide quality. They have been engineered with the use of special procedures and technology, in order to provide users with frames that comply with the needed requirements such as size, quality, measurements, features and other specifications.

Ease of Use

You can make use of timber framing kits to make things a bit easier for you. Incidentally, these kits are easy to install, making them quite useful for reducing work hours. Of course, this will make “building time” a lot more efficient and may even lead to some impressive savings on construction expenses.


Homes and structures made of timber frames are efficiently insulated. As it is, they can keep users as comfortable as they should be and may even help maintain electricity costs to a minimum. In fact, timber frame homes may even be more eco-friendly compared to structures made of traditional framing.

Take note: Timber frames have also been found to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This is due to their renewable materials, and ability to improve insulation and reduce electricity costs.

Are you looking to enhance the usability and durability of your home or structure through timber frames? If so, talk with timber fencing and decking suppliers from Brisbane and Sydney. You can call them on 1300 477 024.