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Garden beds can be quite useful, most especially if you’re planning to exercise your “green thumb” and enjoy nature’s bounty. Accordingly, one of the most useful improvements you can utilise is raised garden beds.


Raised Garden Bed By Fencing Expert

Raised garden beds, as the name implies, are garden beds that are higher than its surrounding ground or soil. These are usually accompanied with enclosures and frames, to ensure greater efficiency and to provide many more benefits to users.

To be more specific, let’s discuss some notable benefits of raised garden beds:

Increased Productivity

Planting vegetables and plants in raised garden beds makes things easier to manage, which in turn, can result to increased productivity. This garden bed type has also been found to produce more plants per square foot, since they are usually more optimally spaced together. Incidentally, this also helps minimise the growth of weeds, making it more efficient compared to other garden bed types.

Improved Soil Conditions

Raised garden beds can actually provide better soil conditions for your garden, as you don’t need to dig, plough, fork or till it up. In effect, this maintains the natural structure of the soil, thereby leading to even better results.

Note: soil compaction can significantly reduce the productivity of the soil. Fortunately, using elevated garden beds can resolve this matter. In addition, you can even choose the type of soil to use for the bed, which again, can lead to healthier plants and a more productive garden.

Better Irrigation

We all know how important irrigation is for gardens. And with raised garden beds, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

This garden bed type can actually support various layers of mulch, which means it is able to conserve water quite efficiently. It has also been designed to minimise evaporation, keeping the soil efficient and plants disease-free.

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