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3 Ways to Incorporate Treated Pine into Your Outdoor Space

Treated Pine has a long history of being used in landscaping. This is partly due to practical reasons: It resists dampness and bugs because it's treated, it's easy to maintain so a busy gardener can spend more time puttering amongst the flowers instead of fixing structures, and it is easy to work with. The bigger reason, though, is that it looks great in yards. The sunny, inviting appearance of pine makes any structure that you create out of it a natural focal point so it spices up any landscape you may have. So, what sort of stand-out conversation pieces can you create out of treated pine in your backyard?

Timber Decks

Decks come in many shapes and sizes, from the simple raised platform to the elaborate work of art with built-in railings and benches. Regardless of the type of deck you want, you will find it an extremely useful addition: You can put your more delicate houseplants out on the deck (the treated pine won't mind if you water the plants on the deck,) you can put tables out on the deck and eat out in the fresh air, or you can bring your favourite chair out on it and relax on the deck with a cool drink and hot book.

Treated pine is a great material for making decks because it is durable and easy to maintain. It stays cool for longer than other materials too so you can wander out on your beautiful deck barefoot even when Australia is having a heat wave.


A great way to give your landscape a lush look is to add wooden planters full of flowers behind the flower beds that you have in the ground. Having differing levels of plant life makes a yard look more interesting and fuller. It's also a great way for an adventurous gardener to baby along plants where the natural dirt is hard and full of clay.

Planters are pretty straightforward to make- nail 4 boards together in rectangular shape and then fill it with soil. It's a great project for beginners. Treated pine's durability and malleability make this project even easier. If you are new to working with wood, then this softwood will go easy on you.


Everybody likes to sit in their backyard, but many people would prefer to not have bugs crawling up their pants or water from the lawn soaking through their seat. Enter treated pine benches: these simple to make structures let you relax on the cool wood on a warm day, secure in the knowledge that the wood is keeping you above the level of creepy-crawlies.

Here again, treated pine's advantages as a softwood really shine. You won't need to do much to keep your bench in good shape over the years, and it will be comfortable to sit on for long periods in the day.

If you are thinking about upgrading your landscape with treated pine, contact Narangba Timbers. We have a great selection of wood to choose from, and we're happy to help you with your landscaping project.