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7 Reasons to Add a Timber Pergola or Gazebo to Your Yard

Bring beauty, value, and functionality to your yard with the addition of a timber pergola or gazebo and fall in love with the outdoors again. Read on to discover how building one timber structure can do so much.

Maximise Your Space by Making It Accessible

Enjoy dinner outside, entertain guests in the garden, or create a relaxing lounge for yourself. Pergolas offer shade while gazebos also have a floor, solid roof, and lattice or partial walls to protect you from wind and rain in addition to our sunny Queensland and New South Wales climates.

Customise to Your Architectural Style

Round, square, hexagonal, or rectangular, gazebos and pergolas can be built to suit any type of house. Choose timber for its looks as well as durability and then stain or paint for the desired effect. While many gazebos and pergolas are free-standing, pergolas especially make a great addition off the side of a house, using an outer wall to ensure a more protected space from the elements. The rafters can be designed with more or less width, space between them, and at just the right angle to create the look and shade that you like best.

Your pergola can use either hardwood timber or treated pine depending upon the look you would like to achieve and your budget.

Designs to Fit a Small or Large Budget

Choose anything from an ornate gazebo with an interesting shape to a basic, open pergola as it fits your budget. Pergolas are an exceptional value as they require fewer materials to create even a large outdoor space. Even a small one can be used to cover a path or create a kind of decorative gate. Gazebos cost more, but have outstanding comfort as they are partially enclosed.

Attractive Landscaping Adds Value

While many architectural elements can be upgraded in the interior of your home, don't underestimate the outdoor design. A pergola or gazebo will instantly bring attention to a house and show buyers how much more value they will receive in spending time in the garden. It also makes a positive first impression from the street before they see the rest of the property.

Protect Outdoor Furniture and Plants

Building an outdoor shelter will not only allow you to enjoy the yard more often, it will also protect your furniture from sun damage, fading, or being too hot to sit on. Vines and climbing plants will grow up the structure, even creating a canopy over the top of a pergola and enhancing the landscaping over time. You can also hang potted plants off the beams or put plants requiring some shade inside a pergola or gazebo.

Finish the Space with Lights and Curtains

For evening use and a decorative touch, consider hanging fairy lights along the rafters or even twisting them around the posts. Draping curtains down the sides can give more privacy as well as added protection from wind, rain, or sun. Even an open pergola can be fitted with a pull-out canopy.

An Exciting DIY Project

For novices, a pergola's basic structure is a great way to learn and implement new skills. For the experienced builder, gazebos offer a chance to try out new techniques and create something truly unique.

While planning out your new pergola or gazebo, let the experienced staff at Narangba Timbers help you choose the best outdoor-rated timber for your particular project. Stop by to speak with us or contact us today.