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For a myriad of reasons, wooden fences have a historical attraction, with specific designs rooted in certain localities.

Just think white picket fences and rough timber side and back fences.

Consequently, in regards to what you’re to go with, preference plays a vital role.  Although costs may vary in terms of putting the fence up and maintenance, that might not be the only reason a classic wooden fence may be part of your plans for a perfect home.

Ease of Installation and Functionality

Timber fences can be installed by the home handyman with a few tools.

What’s more? You can alter the appearance of timber fence over time to keep pace with home and garden design trends.

What this means is you also have the flexibility to change colours when redecorating other areas of the property.


Depending on the design that interests you, design options include the classic picket fences, secure solid fences, and variations of either of the two choices.

Given its natural look, timber does not require cleaning on a regular basis saving you precious time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Essential to any property is its aesthetic appeal. Timber fences complement the look of your home.

You can also paint or stain your timber fence to match or contrast the rest of your property or you can allow it to fade in with the rest of the architecture.

Timber fencing is an attractive, versatile and attractive option.