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3 Benefits of Using Hardwood Weatherboard for Home Cladding

Cladding involves facing materials that can either be nailed on to timber battens or fixed directly to the wall. When building your home, it is essential to consider the type of house cladding because it determines the final appearance of the finished house.

Moreover, cladding protects the wall beneath from damage and can be used to insulate your home. One of the most suitable ways to clad your home is to use hardwood weatherboard cladding.

This type of cladding is suitable for South Eastern Queensland and Northern Sydney because it can overcome the weather conditions.

What is Hardwood Weatherboard?

Weatherboards are reconstituted timber and hardwood that are stained or painted to fit your preference. In Australia, hardwood weatherboard can be constructed from cypress pine, Tasmanian oak, gum, and mahogany tree. The hardwood weatherboards can further be used to build cubby houses and sheds, the exterior of your home, and farm buildings.

Here are the three benefits of using hardwood weatherboard for home cladding over the other options include:

1. Installation

Hardwood weatherboards are easy to install compared to stone, bricks, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement cladding. One person can do the installation process.

Additionally, the cutting can quickly be done by one person if you have the required woodworking tools. The installation of the hardwood weatherboard does not require the use of adhesives.

Consequently, it is easier to install hardwood weatherboard cladding compared to other forms of cladding.

2. Cost Effective and Attractive

Hardwood weatherboard cladding is essential because they create a serene and natural aesthetics outlook. Moreover, they are considered to be one of the most durable forms of cladding compared to bricks and cement cladding.

You can save a lot of money from using hardwood weatherboards to build your home because of the low maintenance cost. Additionally, hardwoods are natural insulators, and they can help you save the bill used to heat the house during cost seasons.

3. Termite and Fire Resistant

Termites pose a threat to woods because of their ability to destroy them. However, the hardwood weatherboards used for cladding your home are termites resistant because all starches and sugars are removed. Moreover, fire outbreak should not bother you because the hardwood weatherboards are fire resistant.

Here at Narangba Timbers, we supply Australian Hardwood species that are durable and naturally fire resistant. If you have more questions on hardwood weatherboard cladding, please contact us.