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Vertical Garden Designs to Liven up Your Landscaping

Whether you're looking for a way to begin a small garden or add to your landscaping, a vertical garden is a unique and attractive way to provide a sense of elaborate space and depth to your yard.

Vertical gardens are an excellent way of saving space, adding to the overall appearance of your home, and growing the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you love. There are many different ways to grow a vertical garden and choosing the right one for you, your family, and your home is imperative.

By using timber for your construction, you can ensure that whatever design you choose for your vertical garden will remain sturdy and intact for years to come.

In addition to providing structural integrity, using wood for your construction also allows for a naturally appeasing aesthetic that won't take away from your florae. Below we'll take a look at a few different vertical garden designs that particularly take to lumber construction.

The Trellis Garden

The trellis garden design is a simple construction that can be adapted to a variety of shapes depending on how you choose to build yours.

Many variations on the design exist including trellis archway, trellis wall, and trellis gate. This design allows you to place potted herbs and plants into the cutaways within the trellis. The trellis also allows you to tie plants to the structure for added support.

A more ornate wood like Kwila or Merbau can provide your garden trellis a cultivated and cohesive look.

The Tepee Garden

This design allows climbing plants to flourish independent of walls or other traditional growing methods.

In addition, the tepee garden provides a unique aesthetic to back yard landscaping or an alternative to conventional ground based gardening for climbing plants.

The tepee is constructed of three or more wooden poles tied at the top with a wire or rope. Once assembled the climbing plant can be placed under the tepee design to wrap around the poles as it grows.

Using pine logs, rural or precision cut, can provide a classy take on a classic model.

The Pallet Garden

The pallet garden is another simple design that can be constructed by beginners and experienced DIYers alike.

This vertical garden consists of a wooden pallet, or pallet like construction, adorned with grow boxes, or bags, and attached to a wall or similar structure. This is an excellent option if you're looking to save space with your vertical garden and choosing a wood like treated pine to build your wooden pallet gives this design a unique and elaborate take on the pallet garden.

Narangba Timbers can Outfit you for Wooden Vertical Gardens!

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Narangba Timbers is a haven for DIYers and will be happy to assist you in choosing the best timber for whatever vertical garden you've decided on for your back yard.

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